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Home Care

When you take your family member home from the hospital or nursing home, there will be many things to take care of. Some of them are routine and some will be new to you as the family caregiver. But whether they are routine or new, they will probably take a lot of your time. Besides what you are already doing, you may be adding tasks like taking your family member to see the doctor, picking up medicine, ordering supplies, and keeping the household running smoothly.

This guide provides you with information about what home care services are, who provides them and what each professional can do to help your family member and you as a family caregiver. It can help you prepare for the start of care and provide tips on how to manage the relationships with multiple providers at home. (Updated January 7, 2014)

Note: We are in the process of revising this guide to keep it current on regulatory changes. 



Home Care: A Family Caregiver's Guide


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