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Implementing New York State's CARE Act: A Toolkit for Hospital Staff

Identifying family caregivers, including them in discharge planning, and ensuring that they receive adequate preparation for their roles is a critical element in improving hospital-to-home-care transitions and ongoing care. That is the goal of the Caregiver Advise, Record, and Enable (CARE) Act, developed by AARP.  

Implementing New York State’s CARE Act: A Toolkit for Hospital Staff was produced by United Hospital Fund to help administrators, nurses, discharge planners, social workers, and others integrate the legislation’s requirements into hospitals’ daily practice, with step-by-step guidelines for engaging family caregivers in the discharge process.

Companion guides to the CARE Act for patients and caregivers–explaining what they can expect to be asked by hospital staff and what instructions they are entitled to receive–are also available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian, and in both a full and an abridged version. 




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