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Who to Contact to Appeal a Discharge

For Medicare Beneficiaries

Starting August 1, 2014, the contacts for appealing to Medicare have changed. Usually, these appeals are against a discharge (such as from a hospital or subacute rehab) or a denial of service (such as skilled rehabilitation at home). These organizations also deal with complaints about care covered by Medicare. Information about making appeals and complaints can be found on the Medicare website. If you have any difficulties, the Medicare Rights Center may be able to help.

To file an appeal or a complaint with Medicare, contact the organization for the state where the care was provided.

A  C  D  F  G  H  I  K  L  M  N  O  P  R  S  T  U  V  W  Territories

Alabama: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Alaska: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Arizona: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Arkansas: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

California: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Colorado: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Connecticut: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Delaware: KePro, 1-844-455-8708

Florida: KePro, 1-844-455-8708

Georgia: KePro, 1-844-455-8708

Hawaii: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Idaho: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Iowa: KePro, 1-855-408-8557

Illinois: KePro, 1-855-408-8557

Indiana: KePro, 1-855-408-8557

Kansas: KePro, 1-855-408-8557

Kentucky: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Louisiana: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Maine: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Maryland: KePro, 1-844-455-8708

Massachusetts: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Michigan: KePro, 1-855-408-8557

Minnesota: KePro, 1-855-408-8557

Mississippi: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Missouri: KePro, 1-855-408-8557

Montana: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Nebraska: KePro, 1-855-408-8557

Nevada: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

New Hampshire: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

New Jersey: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

New Mexico: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

New York: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

North Carolina: KePro, 1-844-455-8708

North Dakota: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Ohio: KePro, 1-855-408-8557

Oklahoma: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Oregon: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Pennsylvania: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Rhode Island: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

South Carolina: KePro, 1-844-455-8708

South Dakota: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Tennessee: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Texas: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Utah: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Vermont: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Virginia: KePro, 1-844-455-8708

Washington: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

West Virginia: KePro, 1-844-455-8708

Wisconsin: KePro, 1-855-408-8557

Wyoming: KePro, 1-844-430-9504

Territories and Districts:

District of Columbia: KePro, 1-844-455-8708

Pacific Territories (American Samoa, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands): Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Puerto Rico: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

Virgin Islands: Livanta, 1-866-815-5440

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