Next Step in Care: Family Caregivers & Health Care Professionals Working Together

Program Goals


Next Step in Care has three primary campaign goals:

    1. Change health care practice so that family caregivers are routinely identified, documented in the patient's medical record, and included in transition planning and implementation.
    2. Strengthen health care professionals’ capacity to work effectively with family caregivers, particularly around transitions in care.
    3. Improve family caregivers’ knowledge and skills in navigating the health care system so that they can be more effective partners.

Next Step in Care works toward achieving its goals by:
    1. Inviting health care professionals from hospitals, rehabilitation units in nursing homes, and home health agencies to participate in a variety of collaborative activities;
    2. Educating family caregivers by reaching out to them directly and through social and mainstream media, and collaborating with community-based groups that serve family caregivers; and
    3. Raising awareness about family caregiving issues through the Next Step in Care website, media outreach, and community partnerships.

Developing Next Step in Care
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