Next Step in Care: Family Caregivers & Health Care Professionals Working Together

Next Step in Care provides easy-to-use guides to help family caregivers and health care providers work closely together to plan and implement safe and smooth transitions for chronically or seriously ill patients.

Transitions are moves between care settings, for example, hospital to home or rehab facility, or the start or end of home care agency services. Because transitions are often rushed, miscommunication and errors can occur.

Next Step in Care materials emphasize careful planning, clear communication, and ongoing care coordination.

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Durable Medical Equipment (DME): New Guide for Family Caregivers

Your family member needs a wheelchair, hospital bed, infusion pump, or diabetic supplies. Where do you get this equipment? Will insurance pay for it? Who will show you how to use it? How do you get it repaired or replaced?  Durable Medical Equipment (DME) can be one of the most important, but also most confusing, aspects of providing care at home. The guide is designed to help family caregivers better understand this equipment and more effectively work with health care professionals. 


Care Coordination: New Guides for Health Care Providers and for Family Caregivers

As health care looks to improve outcomes for patients, good care coordination is often seen as key, leading to a rise in professional care coordination. On the other hand, family caregivers still have the primary responsibility for coordinating care, beyond the scope of most professionals. The guides give tips on how family caregivers and professional care coordinators can partner effectively. The guides are "A Family Caregiver's Guide to Care Coordination" and "A Professional Care Coordinator's Guide to Partnering with Family Caregivers."

Family Caregivers

If you are caring for a family member, click here for information that can help with patient transitions.

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Health Care Providers

If you are a health care provider (doctor, nurse, social worker, or therapist), click here for information that can help you and family caregivers.

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